Boruto Chapter 57 Release Date Revealed: Boruto and Kawaki to undergo Chakra Training Soon


Boruto Chapter 57 is finally coming out next month and the manga installment will bring some big changes to the storyline. The threat of the Otsutsuki clan might be over, but something big is coming up as Code is gearing up to be the big bad villain of the manga series.

There are high chances we might to see Code’s new powers in Boruto 57 chapter as cyborgs stronger than Jigen have been introduced. The true motives of Amado are still a mystery and no one knows whether the Scientist is good or evil. Here are the latest updates on Boruto Chapter 57 release date, spoilers, leaks, theories and other manga details.

Boruto Chapter 57 Release Date and Read Manga Online

Boruto Chapter 57 release date has been revealed as April 20, 2021, as per the official manga website. The manga series will come out at 11 am EST on the following Tuesday as per the MangaPlus website. The latest chapters of the Boruto manga series are always released on the 20th of every month and the same will continue for Boruto 57 chapter.

Fans can read online Boruto Chapter 57 manga from the following official platforms and it provides the latest 3 chapters without any subscription charges.

  • MangaPlus
  • Viz (Shonen Jump)

Boruto Chapter 57 Spoilers, Leaks and Theories

Boruto Chapter 57 Spoilers, Leaks and Theories 

Boruto Chapter 57 spoilers and leaks will be out around 2-3 days before the manga release date and there could be some other updates in between. Naruto and Sasuke are kind of semi-retired and have lost the major source of their powers, and it has happened for good.

It is time for the next generation to step up and Boruto will undergo training in Boruto chapter 57 to face any new threats that come in his way. Kawaki has also decided the same as he has potential but Isshiki used to control him and use him as his vessel.

Boruto and Kawaki will train in the form of chakras and ninjutsu from Sasuke and Naruto to prepare for Code or any other villain that comes their way. Boruto Chapter 57 spoilers and leaks will be updated once there are any raws, magazine previews or any intel on the storyline available.

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