Boruto Chapter 57 Spoilers and Leaks Compilation: Ada’s Powers and Amado’s Motives are Revealed

Boruto Chapter 57 Spoilers and Leaks Compilation: Ada's Powers and Amado's Motives are Revealed

Boruto Chapter 57 spoilers and leaks are coming out in bursts ever since the manga cover and title leaks are out. Since there is nothing fixed about the leaks, it can come out in any form or from any sources. There are new sets of Boruto 57 spoilers on the internet that explains more about Ada’s powers and how Amado is connected to everything.

Warning: Boruto Chapter 57 Spoilers Ahead!!!

Boruto Chapter 57 Spoilers and Leaks Compilation

Boruto Chapter 57 Spoilers and Leaks 

Boruto Chapter 57 Title: “Ada”

Amado concocted some Byakugan-suppressant drugs and gave them to Naruto. It might have some efficacy to suppress cells from undergoing the Otsutsuki Transformation.

Boruto would have to take these inhibitors regularly.

Potential side effects: Losing some visual acuity or death.

Naruto: “But even if that worst-case scenario becomes a reality… At least… Well, until that time comes… I don’t want to believe that it’ll happen.”

Amado: “I had a daughter too. So I understand how you feel. Well, it’s been 12 years… Since she passed away.”

Ada’s other ability (aside from her ‘Senrigan’) is her allure.

Both men/women become ‘Captive Slaves’ to her. Her ability steals their ‘Hearts’ against their own volition. Exception: Otsutsuki or Incest

Ada hates Amado because she will never experience “Normal, Passionate Love”

Ada stopped Code dead in his tracks with a single glance.

(He tried to kill her with his claw-thumb through a studded-belt segment that was wrapped around her waist.)

Bug is profusely, nervously sweating throughout their entire chat~

(Apparently Boro reacted similarly)

Her ‘Senrigan’ allows her to launch her mental consciousness into any moment that she wants to see.

This ability only applies to things happening in real-time or in the past.

Exception: These can not be scenes from before she was born, and she does not have any precognition.

Code asked Ada how to release his ‘Power Limiter’.

It entails two factors of Amado’s biometrics: Authentication of Amado’s iris + his real voice to input a command word.

Amado’s tech-modified eye is very complex, so Henge no Justu won’t work.

Even Ada doesn’t know the word.

Source: OrganicDinosaur on Twitter

Boruto Chapter 57 full summary will be updated once the manga leaks are verified, compiled and translated into English.

Boruto Chapter 57 Release Date and Read Manga Online

Boruto Chapter 57 Release Date: Tuesday, April 20 at 11 am EST

Boruto Chapter 57 Read Online Sources: Viz Media and MangaPlus

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