Boruto Chapter 57 Spoilers, Leaks Update: When are the Manga Cover and Scans coming out?

Boruto Chapter 57 Spoilers, Leaks Update- When are the Manga Cover and Scans coming out_

Boruto Chapter 57 spoilers and leaks will come out soon as the manga release date is barely a week away. It is that time of the month again where fans will start looking for any sort of manga intel and things can come out any moment now. The first set of Boruto 57 spoilers are expected to come around 4-5 days in the form of manga advertisement which will be followed by previews, magazine cover, panel leaks, title, summary and scans near the end.

There are so many manga theories that are already out and it speculates that Code will be the main villain or Boruto will start another great ninja war. Here are the latest updates on Boruto Chapter 57 spoilers, leaks, manga cover, scans and other details.

Boruto Chapter 57 Spoilers and Leaks Update

Boruto Chapter 57 Spoilers and Leaks Update

Boruto Chapter 57 spoilers will come out anytime between April 14 to April 18 as per the usual schedule. Since Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a monthly manga series, there are several sets of leaks coming out on different dates.

There will be series of Boruto 57 spoilers coming out in burst and revealing new information every time. It will be cryptic in the beginning and not revealing any direct information and things will start to make sense with time. Boruto Chapter 57 spoilers will be updated once the manga leaks are verified from the trusted sources.

Boruto Chapter 57 Cover and Manga Scans

Boruto Chapter 57 cover will reveal the basic focus of the manga storyline along with the manga title for sure. Fans can get a better idea about the theme of the storyline and which characters will get the limelight.

Boruto Chapter 57 scans will be out 1-2 days before the official release date (April 20) but it would be better to wait for the original version. Fans can read online Boruto Chapter 57 for free from the following manga platforms.

  • Viz Media – Shonen Jump
  • MangaPlus

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