Boruto Chapter 57 Theory says that The Great Ninja War will Start Soon in the Manga Story

Boruto Chapter 57 Theory says that The Great Ninja War will Start Soon in the Manga Story

Boruto Chapter 57 is coming out in less than 10 days and everyone is excited about the manga series. Since the manga storyline is starting a new arc, the plot can go in any direction and anything is possible at this point. There are so many theories about Boruto 57 chapter and each one of them tells a different theory.

While most of the manga predictions are about Code being the new villain, there are some fans who think that the manga storyline could head in an entirely different direction. It could be possible that there is another great ninja war as everyone in Konoha and other villages will have a hard time trusting Boruto due to his Momoshiki connection. Here are more details on Boruto Chapter 57 theory that says another great ninja war will start soon.

Boruto Chapter 57 Theory for the Great Ninja War

Boruto Chapter 57 Theory for the Great Ninja War

There is a new manga theory that says that the other villages will send a Shinobi to spy on Boruto as they think that he is too dangerous. Most of the villages are already not very fond of Konoha as it is always been the home to many powerful ninjas and whatever happened recently might have gotten their attention. Boruto Chapter 57 could start with one of the villages having a meeting and discussing the Boruto problem.

Since Naruto and Sasuke are now too weak without Kurama and Rinnegan, it will be a perfect time to capture Boruto and Kawaki. It might be possible that the small things in Boruto 57 chapter will lead to a great war between Konoha and other villages. There have been 4 great ninja wars till now in the storyline and it won’t be a surprise if Boruto Chapter 57 sows the seeds for the fight great ninja war.

Boruto Chapter 57 Spoilers, Leaks and Scans

Boruto Chapter 57 spoilers and leaks will be out around April 16 to April 18 as per the reports. The manga spoilers are generally out 2-4 days before the official release date in the form of manga preview, magazine covers, or even Vjump advertisements.

Boruto Chapter 57 scans will be out a day before the official release but it would be better to wait till April 20 and read the manga online for free from the following sources.

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