Boruto Chapter 57 Title, Cover Leaks, Spoilers: Cryptic Emojis about the Manga Story are Out

Boruto Chapter 57 Title, Cover Leaks, Spoilers: Ada and Code shines in the Manga this Month
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Boruto Chapter 57 spoilers are finally out in the form of manga cover and title leaks arriving on the internet. The manga issue is just 4 days away from its release date and hence it makes sense for the spoilers to come out in some sort of way.

At the moment, the Boruto 57 spoilers are released in a very cryptic form and fans are still trying to solve the mystery. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains Boruto Chapter 57 title and cover spoilers, hence one must proceed ahead at their own risk.

Boruto Chapter 57 Title and Cover Leaks Spoilers

Boruto Chapter 57 Title: “Ada”

There is a main solo manga cover featuring Ada and apart from that, there are many fanservice panels.

The manga chapter is about the following events in percent of the pages or panels dedicated.

  • 12.5 percent: Gokage Meeting
  • 12.5 percent: Amado + Naruto
  • 75 percent: Code + Ada + Bug

Boruto Chapter 57 Cryptic Spoilers:

The leaker have provided certain emojis and fans are trying to decode them so that it could make any sense regarding the storyline.

Boruto Chapter 57 emoji spoilers:

  • Monitor
  • Drink
  • Brush
  • Cube
  • Alcohol
  • Zebra
  • Heart
  • Planet

Source: OrganicDinosaur on Twitter

While not all of the Boruto Chapter 57 cryptic spoilers are solved, it might be possible that the Zebra refers to a karma mark, heart means Code and Ada getting a love angle and Planet could refer to the Otsutsuki planet and explore more of their lore.

Whereas the monitor and drink could refer to Amado, keeping an eye on everything in the Konoha village.

Boruto Chapter 57 Spoilers, Raws Scans and Full Summary

Boruto Chapter 57 actual spoilers will be out soon once the manga raws or scans makes it on the internet. It will only be a matter of time before the full manga story summary will be compiled.

Boruto Chapter 57 will release on Tuesday, April 20th and fans can read online the manga legally for free from the following sources.

  • Viz Media
  • Shonen Jump
  • MangaPlus

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