Boruto Chapter 58 Manga Discussion: Code and Eida as the New Villains doesn’t makes Sense

Boruto Chapter 58 Manga Discussion: Code and Eida as the New Villains doesn't makes Sense

Boruto Chapter 58 is next in the manga series and it is still a bit far away from its release date. It means that the manga spoilers and leaks will also take some time and the only things we can do right now is to discuss the storyline. The previous few chapters kind of changed everything by taking the focus away from Naruto and Sasuke and letting the younger generation shine.

Boruto Chapter 58 will show that Boruto and Kawaki will have to face the new villains and Naruto and Sasuke have lost their powers. Code and Eida are revealed as the new villains of the manga storyline but they hardly have any motivation or their backstory makes any sense. Here is more on Boruto Chapter 58 manga discussion on the new villains, Code and Eida.

Boruto Chapter 58 Story and New Villains

Boruto Chapter 58 storyline is currently transforming into the new arc and Code is set up as the big bad villain. Eida on the other hand has powers that don’t even make any sense in the Boruto or Naruto Universe and feels like a cheap copout.

Code who was just a minor character before is now getting more powerful than the Otsutsuki members who were a big threat even with Naruto and Sasuke present. Kawaki and Boruto will have to stop Code in Boruto 58 manga chapter who is way stronger than them and they are not even properly trained in the ways of Karma.

Further, Eida’s ability is that she can make any men fall for her and do her bidding, that is simply another form of mind-control that has no use in the storyline. Boruto Chapter 58 will have to develop some more backstory and motivation for Code and Eida, otherwise, they will end up as bland villains compared to some great names in the Naruto universe.

 Boruto Chapter 58 Spoilers, Leaks and Release Date

Boruto Chapter 58 spoilers and leaks will be out 1-3 days before the official manga release date. Although, there could be some sort of early spoilers in the form of manga cover and title or magazine previews.

Boruto Chapter 58 will release on May 20, 2021, at 11 noon EST and fans can read online the manga series legally for free from the following platforms.

  • Shonen Jump – Viz Media
  • MangaPlus

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