Boruto Chapter 58 Theory says that The Shinobis will call for Boruto’s Execution in the Manga

Boruto Chapter 58 Theory says that The Shinobis will call for Boruto's Execution in the Manga

Boruto Chapter 58 spoilers will still take some time but we can discuss the manga theories to predict what will happen in the future storyline. Code and Eida have been set up as the next villains in the manga series but everyone knows that the eventual confrontation comes between Kawaki and Boruto.

So it might be possible that something happens in the Boruto 58 manga chapter that turns the two brothers against each other. It is also a matter of when the timeskip happens and how are things left before everything changes. Here is more on the Boruto Chapter 58 theories, predictions, spoilers and leaks updates.

Boruto Chapter 58 Theories and Predictions

Boruto Chapter 58 theories and predictions are saying that the Hokage will decide to execute Boruto since Momoshiki can take over him anytime and it would mean the end of the world. The Shinobis will be given orders to kill Boruto but Naruto will never let that happen and try to solve everything with peace.

It might be possible that Code is hired as the assassin from the Shinobi system as he offers to kill Boruto on their behalf in the Boruto 58 manga chapter. Boruto and Code will have a battle that way where he can get the scar on his eye and awakens the Jougan too. There are theories saying that Boruto will fake his death or end the war but Kawaki will think that he is really dead.

It is why Kawaki will swear to destroy the Shinobi system and kill everyone that played a part in Boruto’s death. But when Kawaki will know that Boruto is alive and still supporting the Shinobi system, he will lose control and attack Boruto himself. Boruto Chapter 58 theories are very confusing at the moment and things will get clear soon.

Boruto Chapter 58 Spoilers and Leaks Update

Boruto Chapter 58 spoilers will be out 2-4 days before the manga release date along with the raws leaks coming out. Although, it would be better to wait for the official manga release and avoid the leaks.

Boruto Chapter 58 will release on May 20, 2021, and fans can read it online for free from the following manga platforms.

  • Viz Media – Shonen Jump
  • MangaPlus

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