Boruto Chapter 58 Title and Cover Spoilers: Chapter Composition Cryptic Leaks are Out

Boruto Chapter 58 Title and Cover Spoilers: Chapter Composition Cryptic Leaks are Out

Boruto Chapter 58 early spoilers are finally out and they are mostly cryptic leaks at this moment. It hardly conveys any visual information but the text description for the manga title and cover are kind of out. The story will focus on Boruto and Kawaki training in Konoha while Code and Eida will stay hidden for some time.

Fans who are looking forward to read Boruto Chapter 58 should stay patient for some more time and wait for the official manga chapter release. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains Boruto Chapter 58 title and cover spoilers, and hence one must proceed ahead at their own risk.

Boruto Chapter 58 Title, Cover and Story Spoilers

Boruto Chapter 58 Title Spoilers

The title of Boruto CH.58 is aptly represented as the following ( “People Who Rely On OCR + Machine Translations For Clout”)

this is the first time that we got a notorious (albeit iconic) Kishimoto deranged kanji/wordplay in Boruto scripting.

Boruto Chapter 58 Cover Spoilers

It’s a doublespread

Code/Ada/Amado + New Team 7 + Shikamaru/Naruto/Sasuke + New Ino-Shika-Chou + Sumire

Boruto Chapter 58 Story Spoilers

Chapter Composition:

  • 5% Multi Chara Colour Cover
  • 14% Father-Son Drug Chat
  • 40% Kawaki VS Mitsuki & Sarada
  • 41% Kawaki VS Boruto
  • Konohamaru/Naruto spectating training.

Source: Organic Dinosaur on Twitter

Boruto Chapter 58 Release Date and Read Manga Online

Boruto Chapter 58 release date for the official English manga version is Thursday, May 20, 2021, as per the official sources.

Boruto Chapter 58 will be available to read online for free once the manga is live at 11 am EST and fans can use the following platforms.

  • Viz Media
  • MangaPlus

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