Boruto Chapter 59 Spoilers, Predictions: Timeskip will Happen Soon in the Manga Storyline

Boruto Chapter 59 Spoilers, Predictions: Timeskip will Happen Soon in the Manga Storyline

Boruto Chapter 59 is coming out next and fans have high expectations from the manga storyline. While the previous chapter passed away quickly without any major story progress, it had some great moments of character development that will be proved essential in the future.

Fans are hoping that the timeskip will happen in the Boruto Chapter 59 or after that as the manga Volume will be over soon. It is time that the manga storyline changes gears and takes us to the future and shows the events from the first chapter in a different perspective. Here is more on Boruto Chapter 59 spoilers and predictions for the possible timeskip in the manga storyline.

Boruto Chapter 59 Spoilers and Predictions

Boruto Chapter 59 spoiler predictions are saying that Kawaki will become too protective of the Konoha village and do things to the extreme level. Fans are already comparing Kawaki with Sasuke and saying he will turn out to be like him in the future. Apart from that, things are kind of moving towards a big cliffhanger and the possible events that lead to a timeskip.

Code will still be the main villain in Boruto Chapter 59 but there are very less chances that he stays long in the current conditions. It might be possible that Code himself needs some years to become stronger and perfect the Otsutsuki powers which also supports the timeskip theories. Boruto Chapter 59 will be the start of the timeskip reasons or something important will happen in the manga storyline that leads to a big change in the manga storyline.

Boruto Chapter 59 Raws Scans and Manga Read Online

Boruto Chapter 59 raws scans will be out 2-3 days before the manga chapter release. Although, it would be better to wait for the original version for the best experience and read the manga from legal sources as it will also support the creators.

Boruto Chapter 59 can be read online legally from the following sources on June 20 after 11 am EST.

  • Viz Media – Shonen Jump
  • MangaPlus

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