Boruto Chapter 59 Spoilers Update: When are the Manga Cover and Title Leaks Coming Out?

Boruto Chapter 59 Spoilers Update: When are the Manga Cover and Title Leaks Coming Out?

Boruto Chapter 59 is coming out next in the manga series and everyone is extremely excited about the issue. Fans are waiting to get any sort of update on the manga storyline so that they can know what will happen next. Code and Eida have yet not attacked Konoha and that could easily happen in the Boruto 59 manga chapter for sure.

The previous chapter was a slow burner with the story focusing on character exposition and the side characters getting some to shine. Once the manga leaks are out, everything will be clear about the future storyline. Here are the latest updates on Boruto Chapter 59 spoilers, cover, title and other manga leaks.

Boruto Chapter 59 Spoilers, Cover and Title Leaks Update

Boruto Chapter 59 spoilers in the form of manga cover and chapter title are bound to come out a few days before the official release date. If we look at the past few months, it can be observed that the manga spoilers generally start dropping around a week before and the information is leaked bit by bit.

There could be some WSJ preview, advertisement spoilers, or leaks in some other forms too. Boruto Chapter 59 title and cover details will be updated once the manga leaks are verified and translated.

Boruto Chapter 59 Theories and Predictions

Boruto Chapter 59 theories and predictions are saying that the manga storyline will end on a big cliffhanger. Since the next issue will mark the end of Volume 15, the storyline will take a major impact and something huge will happen.

It might be possible that Code attacks Konoha and awakens Momoshiki in Boruto’s body that will lead to the Hokage calling for the banishment of Boruto. They could even put a bounty on him in Boruto Chapter 59 and the future storyline will show him running away from the Shinobis.

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