Boruto Episode 158 Release Date, Spoilers: Team 7 and Mugino finds the Missing Scientist


Boruto Episode 158 is coming out next weekend and fans are very excited as the anime series has finally entered the Kara arc. The last Boruto episode revealed that Sasuke and Sai have found traces of the secret organization Kara and more of it will be discovered soon.

Boruto Episode 158 title and synopsis are already leaked online and hence fans can get an idea in what to expect in the anime storyline. Here are more details on “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” Episode 158 release date, spoilers, preview, and how to watch the anime sub and dub legally.

Boruto Episode 158 Release Date

Boruto Episode 158 release date is set as Sunday, July 26 as per the official anime sources. The anime series was on a break last month due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Japan, but now things are better and everything is on schedule.

It means new episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will be out every Sunday and fans won’t have to wait for a month, like the Boruto manga series which have a monthly release schedule.

Boruto Episode 158 Title, Synopsis and Spoilers

Boruto Episode 158 is titled “The Man Who Disappeared” and it will show Team 7 members searching for a missing scientist. The leaked synopsis for Boruto Ep 158 says that Boruto and the rest of Team 7 have been ordered to go on a mission for searching a missing laboratory researcher from an unknown medical care facility.

The client lives in a very far away country and the missing lab scientist works on looking for novel, useful materials and ingredients for medical technology purpose. It would prove very difficult for Team 7 to search for the scientist and hence Mugino will help them as a guide who is familiar with the terrain. Boruto Episode 158 spoilers will reveal what happens after Boruto and Team 7 with the help of Mugino goes on the mission and finds something strange.

Where to watch Boruto Episode 158 Legally?

Boruto Episode 158 can be watched online on Funimation which airs the English dub of the latest anime episodes. Fans can also tune into Crunchyroll if they prefer the original Japanese audio along with English subtitles to stream online Boruto Episode 158.

There are also a lot of other ways to stream the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime series, but we would advise you to follow the legal ways and enjoy the episodes without any hassle.

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