Boruto Episode 180 Release Date, Spoilers, Preview: Boruto is Shocked to see Mugino in the City

Boruto Episode 180 Release Date, Spoilers, Preview: Boruto is Shocked to see Mugino in the City

Boruto Episode 180 is coming out next in the manga series and the anime series has finally caught to the manga storyline. Jigen, Code, Amado, etc have made an appearance and things will get intense soon.

The Jump Fiest 2021 revealed a lot of things about Boruto Ep 180 and more, which shows new character designs and anime style. Here are more details on Boruto Episode 180 release date, spoilers, preview, and ways to watch online the anime with English subtitles.

Boruto Episode 180 Preview Trailer, Title and Spoilers

Boruto Episode 180 preview trailer shows that Boruto and Team 7 finds Mugino who is also an assassin. It seems that there will be some flashback scenes for Mugino as he is a very important character in the story.

Boruto Episode 180 Title: “The Assassin, Mugino” 

Boruto Episode 180 Summary:

It’s been arranged for Sarutobi Konohamaru to leave the village for a pressing mission. Team 7 – Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki – will have to carry out their missions in the interim just as a three-person team until his mission comes to an end.

During that time, Boruto happens to meet the jounin – Mugino – in the main city streets by sheer coincidence. Then, Boruto gets invited by Mugino to come over to his home.

Boruto is shocked by the state of Mugino’s abode: Not only does it seem to be quite dilapidated, but his room is barren and dreary too. However, Mugino then begins to explain to Boruto as to why he’s decided to live in these kind of rooms and conditions.

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Boruto Episode 180 Release Date and Time

Boruto Episode 180 release date is set as Sunday, December 27 as per the official anime sources. The new episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga series are released every Sunday at 3:30 am EST. Fans can stream Boruto Ep 180 live easily based on their time zones.

Boruto Episode 180 Watch Online with English Subtitles

Boruto Episode 180 can be watched online on Funimation which airs the English sub of the latest anime episodes. Fans can also tune into Crunchyroll if they prefer the original Japanese audio along with English subtitles to stream online Boruto Episode 180 and future episodes.

There are also a lot of other ways to stream the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 180, but we would advise you to follow the legal ways and enjoy the episodes without any hassle.

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