Boruto Episode 191 Release Date, Preview Trailer, Title, Plot Spoilers and Anime Stream Online

Boruto Episode 191 Release Date, Time and Stream Anime Online

Boruto Episode 191 is the next installment in the anime series to come out and it could be another of that anime-only storyline to move the plot forward. Kawaki has escaped from the research facility and now Naruto takes it on himself to find him and solve the matter. Here are more details on Boruto Episode 191 release date, spoilers, preview trailer, synopsis and ways to stream the anime online.

Boruto Episode 191 Title, Plot Synopsis and Preview Trailer

Boruto Episode 191 Title: “A Stray Dog”

Boruto Episode 191 Plot Synopsis

Despite suffering from serious injuries, Kawaki has run away from the Advanced Technology Research Institute. Having left the laboratory in Ryuutan, Kawaki has finally found his way to the downtown shopping district. Exhausted and out of stamina, he needs to find some sustenance for his empty stomach too. And so, he tries to find something to eat somehow.

But just then, Sumire – who was trying to locate Kawaki – and her summoned creature – ‘Nue’ – both appear in front of him together. Even though she is worried about the wounds on Kawaki’s body, Kawaki is the same as ever: He is still openly hostile towards her. Sumire then begins to talk about herself and the circumstances of her life to Kawaki.

Boruto Episode 191 preview trailer shows that Kawaki has escaped from the facility and is trying to run away. Although, Kawaki is injured and hungry and hence he tries to find something to eat and recover his energy. It is when Kawaki encounters a stray dog and the trailer ends.

Boruto Episode 191 Release Date, Time and Stream Anime Online

Boruto Episode 191 will release on this Sunday, March 21st, 2021 and the episode will air at 3:30 am EST and fans can change that time into their local zones. Fans can stream online Boruto Episode 191 or watch the episode in TV from the official legal anime sources.

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  • Crunchyroll
  • Funimation
  • Hulu

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