Boruto Episode 193 Release Date, Preview Trailer, Title, Plot Spoilers and Anime Stream Online

Boruto Episode 193 Release Date, Preview Trailer, Title, Plot Spoilers and Anime Stream Online

Boruto Episode 193 is the latest installment in the anime series and it will focus on the Konoha village and the Five Kage reacting to Kawaki. The boy is very dangerous and powerful people want him back, so it won’t be an easy task to keep him and the others safe but Naruto is ready to take the risk. Here are more details on Boruto Episode 193 release date, spoilers, preview trailer, synopsis and ways to stream the anime online.

Boruto Episode 193 Title, Plot Synopsis and Preview Trailer

Boruto Episode Title 193: “Cohabitating” or “Coexistence”

Boruto Episode 193 Plot Synopsis

Kawaki possesses a strange seal on the palm of his hand, which is called ‘Karma’. This mysterious boy is also referred to as `The Vessel’ by `Kara’. The Five Kage have a discussion in order to discuss how to deal with Kawaki. The Nanadaime Hokage – Naruto – officially becomes responsible for Kawaki and then places him under his direct watch.

And so, it’s been decided for Konohagakure Village to keep Kawaki within their custody. Despite Naruto immediately bringing Kawaki home with him, Kawaki refuses to divulge any of his true feelings or even mention his own name. Naruto becomes worried about him. Later, Kawaki and Boruto get into a quarrel with one another, and then confront each other face-to-face. A dangerous mood and atmosphere lingers around them.

Boruto Episode 193 preview trailer shows that everyone in Konoha is worried that keeping Kawaki could be dangerous. There is no way the Kara organization will stay silent and they will most likely attack to get him back. Naruto says he will keep him directly under his watch but the next frame shows Kawaki running away. The trailer ends with Boruto getting shocked after seeing Kawaki in the same room as they are forced to live together.

Boruto Episode 193 Release Date, Time and Stream Anime Online

Boruto Episode 193 will release on this Sunday, April 4th, 2021 and the episode will air at 3:30 am EST and fans can change that time into their local zones.

Fans can stream online Boruto Episode 193 or watch the episode in TV from the official legal anime sources.

  • AnimeLab
  • Crunchyroll
  • Funimation
  • Hulu

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