Boruto Episode 203 Release Date, Title, Preview Trailer, Synopsis Spoilers and Stream Online

Boruto Episode 203 Release Date, Title, Preview Trailer, Synopsis Spoilers and Stream Online

Boruto Episode 203 is coming out next in the anime series and fans are really excited for it. Jigen vs Naruto fight was incredible to see and now the anime will adapt more chapters from the manga. Here are more details on Boruto Episode 203 release date, title, spoilers, preview trailer, synopsis and ways to stream the anime online.

Boruto Episode 203 Title, Preview Trailer and Synopsis Spoilers

Boruto Episode 203 Title: “The Raid”

Boruto Episode 203 preview trailer shows that something happens to Kawaki’s karma mark and Boruto is unable to understand it. A frog is watching everything from the distance and then Jigen attacks the place but Naruto challenges him for a fight.

Boruto Episode 203 Synopsis Spoilers

An unusual phenomenon transpires with Kawaki’s Karma while he is with Naruto – the Nanadaime Hokage – at the Uzumaki residence. Jigen – the leader of the mysterious organization referred to as ‘Kara’ – has suddenly appeared before the two of them.

Not only are Naruto and Kawaki astonished by this abrupt turn of events, but so is Kashin Koji – a member of `Kara’ who has been secretly monitoring Kawaki. Even though Jigen tries to forcibly bring Kawaki back home with him, Kawaki is reluctant to comply with Jigen’s orders. When Naruto witnesses this spectacle unfolding, he then challenges Jigen to a battle in order to protect Kawaki…!?

Source: Animemedia Magazine

Boruto Episode 203 Release Date, Time and Stream Anime Online

Boruto Episode 203 will release on this Sunday, June 13, 2021 as per the official anime sources. The latest episodes in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations are aired on every Sunday at 3:30 am EST and fans can change that time into their local zones.

Fans can stream online Boruto Episode 203 or watch the episode in TV from the official legal anime sources. One must always use the legal methods to watch Boruto anime as it would help the creators too.

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