Boston Celtics arrest Romeo Langford, name him No.14 pick


Boston Celtics grab Romeo Langford as their No.14 to end Lottery NBA draft 2019 picks. Langford who had a stock depreciating season before them injury further out him in conundrum finally finds himself in a good enough deal.

This IU’s first Lottery NBA Draft pick since Noah Vonleh in 2014 to end rumours about his further slide down the ladder. Langford now will be the first former Housier from 77 selected walk on stage with a striped suit at the NBA Draft 2019.

“He’s off and running,” Langford’s father, Tim, said.

Poor 2018-19 season cost Romeo Langford a better position

Romeo Langford will be satisfied with what he got but the promising youngster looked destined for more. Early mock drafts displayed him to be a No.5-6 pick. A poor 2018-19 season coupled with a thumb injury limiting his potential added fuel to the fire that he could slide to enormous proportions.

Now that he will play alongside Jayson Tatum and would be a chance to lead Boston’s scoring. His father Tim would be happy that he didn’t slide out of the 20s. Brad Stevens entry to Boston Celtics from Butler was where Tim first got interested in the franchise at the NBA Draft 2019.

Boston Celtics arrest Romeo declension, name him No.14 pick

Langford will feature alongside Taytum at Celtics. Image: Getty

“Just watching the way they’ve been playing the last two or three years, his system. His scheme and things would fit Romeo perfectly. I can’t wait for them to get started.”

Can Langford fill the Irving sized hole for Boston Celtics?

Romeo would need big shoulders to handle the responsibility of filling up for seasoned stars Kylie Irving and Al Horford for the Boston Celtics. He scored a lowly 27.2 per cent of his chances from the 3 point line. His thumb injury could have played a part and that makes Boston Celtics optimistic for a better show by him.

“I had torn a ligament in my thumb in November and I had surgery after the season, so I’m just getting back to dribbling and shooting,” Langford told a Celtics Reporter earlier.

To his credited Romeo shot am enterprising 53 per cent on 2 pointers and more than 72 per cent on free throws. He also has the knack of inducing fouls (he draws 5.6 fouls per 40 minutes).

Whether he will be able to raise his game and fulfil his potential remains to be seen. But the promise has everyone hooked to the youngster. Check Out Blocktoro for more exciting updates.

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