Boy Group member reveals himself during The King Of Mask Singer

Boy Group member reveals himself during 'The King Of Mask Singer'

The King of Mask Singer had a ball last night. Former Produce 101 Season 2 Contestant and Boy Group lead vocalist finally unveils himself during a closure song night.

Last night at The King of Mask Singer

Boy Group member reveals himself during 'The King Of Mask Singer'

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Despite being reluctant to reveal what he has been inside for years, the crooner ultimately repelled every second fear, which has always made him step back. The night of ‘August 11′ has been a kind of heaven ride to our masked guy. Who on earth would be denying his own existence since the time he went famous?

Trust me, the facts are invincible and honest enough. Coming back to The King of Mask Singer, the last night episode saw a face-off from Idols and Idool competitors. Tasked to present Five Fingers’ Balloons in duet, it was next to impossible for duos to thrive the singing challenge.

The competition was fervent enough to pierce through. Despite fierce contenders, the panelists chose Idol to contest next retreats while Idool settled back-stage to disclose his identity.

Moreover, the jury members too went perplexed over the identity crisis, the idol and idools camouflaged. Idool quavered Lee Seung Gi’s Smile Boy with rage but by heart. The big picture exposed Idool to be none other than LIMITLESS’s Jang Moon Bok. Jang has always been particular about his looks and identity.

Jang Moon Bok had a blast last night

While his insecurities were gulping him down, Bok didn’t want his fears to come in way of his singing sphere. Fears? Don’t you want to know why a tall, talented, extremely famous songster was so reluctant to come out? From the very beginning, Bok has dawned himself in a feminine image.

With long, shimmering hairs and quite smooth features, Bok was sensitive to trolls and bully from school years. And now, instantly coming out to reveal himself; that would have been kind of dodging a full-fledged bullet.

After baring himself, Jang Moon Bok explained;

I have a distaff image because my hairs are pretty long. I have never shown an image that has been truly mine. So, I just feel kind of displaying myself.

He further reasoned about his entry into The King of Mask Singer.

My mother likes shows where people work on stage. To be honest, she has passed away a little while ago. I just wanted to honor her through performing on stage to her.

Bok’s mother battled cancer for two and a half years before succumbing to her pains. She passed away a week earlier, Bok made her first appearance on stage.

All the best for your future endeavors, Jang Moon Bok.

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