Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s former home at Beverly Hills is Haunted


In 2001, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt bought a Beverly Hills property together. At that time, the property cost them $13.1 million. Later on, after the couple got divorced, they sold the property to Jonathan Brooks, a hedge-fund executive.

In May 2019, Brooks put the property for sale for $49 million. There was a price cut of $4.5 million in the price of the property after five months. Currently, the property is on sale for $44.5 million, strangely, no one wants to buy the property.

Is the property cursed?

Aniston’s and Pitt’s former house is has all the amenities and features one could think of. However, it’s been more than a year and nobody is ready to buy the property. It is also priced reasonably, similar to the other properties in the area. Many are left wondering if the property is cursed.

Rumors about Aniston and Pitt’s living arrangement

Rumors have it that the stars were staying together in the United States at the beginning of the lock down period. A source reported,

Brad and Jen have been spending most of their time together during the lock down. This whole experience has brought them even closer. They both feel humbled and grateful for everything they have right now – especially each other.

Did Brad Pitt kick Jennifer Aniston out?

Allegedly, the exes enjoyed cooking during the lock down period. Pitt reintroduced Aniston to his family’s staples like homemade bread and pot roast. The exes also followed a specific skincare routine to stay healthy. Some of their activities included yoga, sauna treatments, getting proper sleep and tons of stretches.

After a while, Pitt got tired of Aniston’s neediness and told her to leave.

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