Brad Pitt, Demi Moore Dating Rumors: Jennifer Aniston Jealous over Brad and Demi’s Secret Dates

Brad Pitt, Demi Moore Dating Rumors: Jennifer Aniston Upset over Brad and Demi's Secret Dates
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Brad Pitt and Demi Moore’s dating rumors made headlines recently with claims that Jennifer Aniston is very upset over it. There have been reports that Brad and Demi went on a secret date last year and it created a lot of issues for Jennifer and she was even heartbroken for a while.

As per the New Idea magazine reports, Demi Moore and Brad Pitt met in Paris last year, and later they went on secret dates. The Hollywood A-listers bonded over their broken love lives and multiple divorces, but somehow Aniston got the gist of it and she created a lot of drama. Here is the real truth behind Brad Pitt, Demi Moore dating rumors and the reports of Jennifer Aniston feeling jealous over their secret dates.

Jennifer Aniston is Upset with Demi Moore and Brad Pitt having a Secret Date

Brad Pitt and Demi Moore crossed paths at a restaurant in Paris last year and decided to stay even after their friends left. Brad and Demi had such a nice time with each other and they bonded very well. Pitt then asked Moore to spend the night together at his hotel so they can laugh about their equally disastrous love lives and sip on some alcohols.

But somehow Jennifer Aniston learned about the secret date and she got very angry and heartbroken. Jen considered Demi as her good friend and she wanted to confirm the actress for backstabbing her and secretly meeting with Brad.

Brad Pitt, Demi Moore Dating Rumors and Real Truth

Brad Pitt, Demi Moore dating rumors are totally bogus and they have already been debunked. There is only a single photo of Brad and Demi on the internet when they met at a movie premiere and apart from that, the stars have rarely seen each other except for the award shows.

Even if Pitt and Moore were secretly dating, it makes no sense for Jennifer Aniston to feel jealous as she has nothing to with it. The tabloids somehow keep pushing the same narrative that Jen is jealous of any women Brad dates and it is nothing but fake news. Brad and Jen have nothing going on between them, whereas the gossip columns claims they will get married soon.

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