Brad Pitt Health Rumors: Hollywood Superstar is Extremely Critical with Mystery Illness

Brad Pitt Health Rumors: Hollywood Superstar is Extremely Critical with Mystery Illness
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Brad Pitt’s health rumors have taken over the tabloids and gossip columns these days with claims that the Hollywood superstar is down with some mystery illness. As per the ‘New Idea’ magazine reports, Pitt was seen leaving a Beverly Hills clinic in a wheelchair and it seems that something is wrong with the ‘Fight Club’ actor.

While Brad’s team says that it happened due to a dental procedure, the source claims that they are lying and hiding the seriousness of his health issue. There is no way Pitt will be moved around in a wheelchair for a wisdom tooth removal procedure and his friends are worried that something else is going on. Here are more details on Brad Pitt health rumors and the possible truth behind the reports of the actor down with some mystery illness.

Brad Pitt is Critical with Mystery Illness

Brad Pitt had a serious procedure and the doctors are taking extreme care of his health. It might be possible that Pitt has been diagnosed with some illness or disease that is kept a secret with the media to avoid any bad press. Brad recently turned 57 years old and it won’t be a surprise if the actor is having one of the regular old-age illnesses.

Apart from that, there are some other reports that claim that Brad Pitt is very much traumatized with Angelina Jolie trying to take custody of all their five kids and it has taken a toll on his health. The source further adds that Pitt might seem happy on the surface, but deep down he is very lonely and worried about losing the kids.

Brad Pitt Health Rumors and Real Truth

Brad Pitt health rumors of having a mystery illness are not true and the tabloids are just making a fuss about nothing. It is true that Pitt was seen moving on a wheelchair but that is a regular procedure when the gas is used for dental procedures.

Further, most of the Brad Pitt rumors are linking with Jennifer Aniston or other Hollywood actresses. Hence it is very contrary that Brad is seriously sick and also romancing with dozens of ladies and so fans must not believe in such rumors.

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