Brad Pitt Rumors: Actor casts Son’s Crush Joey King in ‘Bullet Train’ to Get Close with Maddox

Brad Pitt Rumors- Actor casts Son's Crush Joey King in 'Bullet Train' to Get Close with Maddox

Brad Pitt is trying to win his son Maddox’s trust by casting his crush Joey King in the upcoming movie Bullet Train. As per the New Idea report, Pitt has suggested King for his upcoming movie in an elaborate attempt to reconcile with his son Maddox.

The source claims that Maddox Pitt has a longtime crush on Joey King, which is why Brad made huge efforts to get her in the cast of Bullet Train. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are at war over child custody and this move could prove useful for Pitt to get close with Maddox and other children.

Brad Pitt is Playing Cupid for Son Maddox and Joey King

Brad Pitt Custody Battle Rumors and Real Truth 

Brad Pitt is trying to play cupid for his son Maddox who likes the actress Joey King. Maddox has a huge crush on “The Kissing Booth” star and always wanted to hang out with her. Pitt is planning to take Maddox to the script read of “Bullet Train” where he will introduce him to King.

It was earlier reported that Maddox doesn’t want his siblings to stay with adoptive father Brad Pitt and hence the Hollywood superstar is doing everything to win him over. Brad is even ready to be the matchmaker for his son and try to set him up on a date with Joey King.

Brad Pitt Custody Battle Rumors and Real Truth

Brad Pitt is Playing Cupid for Son Maddox and Joey King

Brad Pitt casting Joey King in a movie to get closer with Maddox rumors are totally false and holds no credit. King is a successful actress working since her childhood and was cast in the movie based on her talent.

While it might be true that Brad and Angelina are having legal disputes over child custody, the actor won’t go to such extreme lengths for it. Brad Pitt and Joey King will play assassins in the movie Bullet Train based on the Japanese novel ‘Maria Beetle’ by Isaka Kotaro.

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