Bradley Cooper Dating Rumours: Jennifer Garner, Angelina Jolie, Adele, Katie Holmes – Who Is He Dating?

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is constantly in news as he’s been connected to just about everyone in Hollywood, ever since he became single last year. His amazing chemistry with Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born sparked numerous stories with no truth to it. Additionally, there are reports that he’ll reunite with his ex Irina Shayk.

Irina Shayk

Beach Trip With Jennifer Garner

13 going on 30 actress, Jennifer Garner and Cooper are shipped hard. The American Hustle actor and Garner have been close friends since starring in Alias years ago. This August, the pair was photographed together on the beach with Cooper’s daughter. Apparently, they have a connection that neither of them can deny any longer. And tabloids also reported that things were now getting serious. However, the trip to the beach, building sandcastles with a three-year-old was obviously not a romantic one.

Cooper and Jennifer Garner

At Disneyland With Angelina Jolie

Rumour mongers began a story about the Salt actress, Angelina Jolie and Cooper. There was gossip that he was seen leaving her house in the early hours, discreetly trying to escape paparazzi. These false speculations started because the two happened to go to Disneyland on the same day. So tabloids declared that the Silver Linings Playbook star followed Jolie to the park to get closer to her.  Apparently, the duo was enjoying each other’s company.

Angelina Jolie

Lady Gaga Introduced Adele to Bradley Cooper?

There were also rumours that the Hangover actor was dating Adele. Her incredible new weight-loss and extreme makeover opened the door to love. Lady Gaga was allegedly the bridge between the two. Supposedly, Cooper could just be the person Adele is looking for. Adele says she’s single, though many reputable outlets claim she’s dating rapper Skepta. This pairing with Cooper was just one in a slew of random pairing following Adele’s weight loss.

Was Bradley Cooper Katie Holmes’ Huge Star Date?

Holmes’ friends believed she was dating a huge star. The natural conclusion was Cooper, because he’s currently single, he’s a devoted dad and he lives in New York. So many rumors about Holmes’ love life stem from the fact that she lives in New York City as well. Holmes and the American Sniper actor are not and have never dated.  As we all know by now, she’s now dating chef Emilio Vitolo.

Katie Holmes

Until Cooper himself says he’s dating someone, fans need not believe all these fake stories about the actor.

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