Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner Dating Rumours: Are They Really Just Friends Or Something More?

Bradley Cooper Jennifer Garner

Bradley Cooper has been linked to one too many female stars in recent times. He is currently single and that’s what sparks these rumours. Latest gossip suggests he is seeing 13 going on 30 actress Jennifer Garner.

Bradley Jennifer Beach Trip

The Infamous Beach Trip

A few months ago, Garner went to the beach with Cooper and his daughter. The two actors enjoyed some sun at the Malibu beach. And they built some sandcastles with Lea De Seine, Cooper’s three-year-old daughter with his ex, Victoria’s Secret model Irina Shayk.

The pair have been close friends ever since they played on-screen love interests, Will Tippin and Sydney Bristow, on the TV show Alias. They were all smiles on what looked like a nice day out.

Rumours Abuzz About Bradley Cooper And Jennifer Garner

Ever since photographs of Cooper and Garner at the beach surfaced, gossip columns haven’t been able to rest. A simple playdate making sandcastles with a three-year-old was labelled as “flirty.” Just because both Garner and Cooper are single right now, rumour mongers are shipping them together.

Jennifer Bradley Beach

Apparently, Cooper was even confessing to his celebrity friends that Garner could be The One. Also, there were tall tales about the Hangover star staying the night at Garner’s. He was allegedly caught leaving Jen’s house early in the morning. But the photograph provided as proof of it was years old and doctored.

In another story, less than a month of the duo being spotted at the beach, Cooper was moving in and had proposed. Whoa…that just moved way too fast! Cooper had supposedly moved back to Los Angeles which freed him up to spend more time with Garner.

Bradley Cooper Jennifer Garner

Just Good Friends

Cooper and Garner aren’t dating at all. And they never had any feelings for each other apart from friendship, care and mutual respect. All these accounts are just nothing but a load of bogus.

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