Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga Rumors: Commitment Issues are the Root Cause of Breakup

Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga Rumors- Commitment Issues is the Root Cause of Breakup

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga rumors have still not stopped as the couple’s romance was always the talk of the town. Cooper and Gaga started dating rumors each other while filming for “A Star is Born” and everyone thought they would settle down soon. There is so much chemistry between the actor and the singer that anyone could notice they were madly in love.

But sadly the romance between Bradley and Gaga came to an end after a few years of dating and it is claimed that commitment issues were the root cause of the breakup. Here are more details on Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga breakup rumors and the possible truth behind the reports.

Lady Gaga wanted to Settle down, but Cooper couldn’t Commit

Lady Gaga wanted to Settle down, but Cooper couldn't Commit 

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were so much in love yet they had to break up because the former didn’t want to settle down. There are new reports claiming that Gaga wanted to settle down and tie the knot, but Cooper had no plans to commit. The “Hangover” star never even settled down with ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk even though they share a daughter.

Bradley is not a type of man who believes in marriage as commitment brings out many responsibilities and legal procedures. Lady Gaga was very jealous that Bradley Cooper was not ready to move on from Irina Shayk and hence she ended the relationship.

Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga Rumors and Real Truth

Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga Rumors and Real Truth

Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga rumors doesn’t make any sense as the stars never even accepted the relationship. It is claimed that the whole Cooper and Gaga dating rumors were a ploy to promote “A Star is Born” movie. Lady Gaga is currently seeing Michael Polansky, whereas Bradley Cooper was last seen having a beach holiday with Jennifer Garner.

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