Brendan Fraser Latest Update: Actor’s Health At Risk? Dramatic Weight Gain Could Be Fatal Suggest Reports

Brendan Frazer
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Brendan Fraser has shocked his fans with his physical change. They are now fearing the worst after his weight gain. Last week, tabloids insisted that was the case. Let’s find out how true it is.

Brendan Frazer At Health Risk Due To Extreme Weight Gain?

Gossip magazines referred to The Mummy actor with derogatory terms such as “waddling whale” and a “balding, bloated blimp”. Also, he allegedly horrified his fans with his appearance. Fraser supposedly didn’t look like himself while promoting his new film No Sudden Move. Set in 1954, the movie tells the story of a group of criminals working together for a simple job that becomes messy.

Stories suggest his weight gain is fatal. And this drastic change has his fans and loved ones worried. Seeing this transformation numerous fans commented about the 52-year-old actor over the social media platforms. One of those comments went like–

“As a 90’s teen, I have a serious soft spot for Brendan Fraser. I hope he’s healthy and happy.”

Truth Behind The Story

Fraser has undergone significant weight gain for his next role. However, his health is not at risk at present. The George Of The Jungle actor’s extreme dedication to his work has taken on his health before. Fraser reportedly took seven years to recover from his several spinal injuries and partial knee replacement.

Brendan Frazer

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His first red carpet appearance in years revealed he’s sporting a much fuller figure these days for his upcoming film The Whale. The film is a melancholic love story about a 600-pound recluse who left his family to pursue a relationship with another man. He is trying to reconnect with his 17-year-old daughter after they became estranged when he came out as gay.

While it is insisted Fraser isn’t planning to reach 600 pounds, he’s packed on as much weight as he can. Fraser could be joining the list of great actors who have undergone extreme bodily transformations for roles, like Christian Bale and Russell Crowe.

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