Brexit and iPhone 2020 Price: Will the Apple iPhone 12 be Priced Lower?

Apple iPhone 12 First Look out for the 2020 iPhone

Brexit started in 2016 and yet the United Kingdom (UK) withdrawing from the European Union (EU) is not complete. The next deadline has been shifted three times already and the next date for removal of the UK from Europe is set as January 31, 2020. The stock market, economy, trade reforms, prices of smartphones and other such aspects will have a huge impact after the Brexit process is complete.

Apple iPhones are one of the most selling mobiles in the UK area and the prices and sales of iPhones will have a huge impact due to Brexit. While it is estimated that the sales of iPhone 12 will be reduced after Brexit, Apple might lower the iPhone 2020 price to counter that.

Brexit Effects on Apple iPhone 2020 Price

Brexit Effects on Apple iPhone 2020 Price

Brexit has made the UK alone and almost half of the companies that were in a trade agreement with the EU might leave. It has been estimated that economic growth and GDP of England will fall down by 2 to 3 percent after the Brexit process is over.

In the last three years, inflation has risen, prices of every item have increase and even the Apps on Apple store are now costlier as Euro and Pounds difference is getting bigger and bigger. Apple is estimating that the number of users to purchase the 2020 iPhone 12 in the EU will reduce considerably and there is no option, other than lowering the price to attract customers.

Apple iPhone 12 Prices After Brexit

Apple iPhone 12 Prices After Brexit

Apple iPhone 12 which will come out in September 2020 will most likely cost around £999 as the price for every new model is increasing. While Apple predicts higher sales in the United States and the rest of the world, the numbers in the UK area are kind of disappointed. Apple plans to reduce the price of around £899 so that more and more people purchase the 2020 iPhone from the UK after the Brexit process is complete next year.

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