The Great Hack: Brexit Financier Arron Banks threatens Netflix with a legal suit

Arron Banks rolled out legal threat to Netflix for The Great Hack

The Brexit financier Arron Banks sent out a legit threat to Netflix. Arron reasoned it on the basis of his concerns regarding untrue and malicious accusations in the forthcoming documentary The Great Hack.

Furthermore, the Oscar-nominated duo Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer is executing the film. And the upcoming documentary excavates into the 2018 Cambridge Analytica Scandal.

Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Scandal and Arron Banks

Arron Banks send legal threat to Netflix

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal was a crucial political scandal of 2018. It brought to light the fact that Cambridge Analytica had garnered personal data of millions of Facebook users without their sanction. Moreover, that data was used for the sole reason of political advertisement.

It was a major turning point in the understandings of personal data by the public. And hence, led to a drastic collapse in Facebook’s stock prices. Further, calling out for stricter directives on the data handling by the Tech giants.

The prime journalist of the scandal Carole Cardwalladr led the investigations and delineated the data used by the Brexit campaigners. Hence, the documentary will outline the targeted marketing in the win up to 2016’s EU referendum. Nevertheless, Cardwalladr did tweet about the whole ongoing situation.

Arron Banks was the big name behind the finances of the Brexit Campaign. Reportedly, he gave out the legal threat without having seen the movie as yet.

Brexit Campaigners on The Great Hack

Arron Banks rolls out legal notice to Nerflix

Reportedly Arron Bank’s legal firm Kingsley Napley, his company Eldon Insurance and Leave.EU has sent a legal notice to Netflix. The notice states their concerns regarding the untrue accusations by Cadwalladr portrayed in the film.

They have also warned Netflix that any such thing will lead to a legal battle. Yet, the people seem to be supportive of Netflix in this game.

However, the film’s director Amer founded it ridiculous. He felt disappointed as Banks and his attorneys did not even wait to see the film on 24th July. And in his response for the same Amer has accepted to defend his film if something is not as per them.

Nevertheless, he might just invite Arron Banks on the film’s premiere night. Furthermore, the trailer of the film is quite appealing too.

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