Brock Lesnar is back on Raw’s last episode before Summer Slam

Brock Lesnar is back on Raw's last episode before Summer Slam

With Brock Lesnar unleashing the Beast Incarnate on Seth Rollins last week, WWE has more in store for Brock Lesnar fans. Brock Lesnar is now confirmed to be on Raw an episode before the Summer Slam starts.

Brock Lesnar beats up Rollins in build up of Summer Slam

The Beast Incarnate intervened between Seth Rollins fight with Dolph Ziggler. Rollins was already in a lead after hitting back after Ziggler drop kicked him earlier when Brock Lesnar interfered. And Suplex City was Rollins’ next stop as Brock Lesnar ruthlessly unleashed himself on Rollins.

Brock Lesnar is back on Raw's last episode before Summer Slam

Lesnar unleashed a brutal assault on Rollins at last week’s Raw. Image : Sky Sports

The Architect was left with a lot of suffering at the hands of the beast. Brock Lesnar went on to brawl Rollins backstage while he was stretchered on the ambulance. The WWE fans were left ruing the ruthlessness of The beast as he smashed Rollins on the stretcher.

The Architect fought with Brian Corbin next with tapes covering him. WWE has now confirmed The Beast will now be on Raw just one week beforr Summer Slam. Something must be stirring here.

Is Lesnar vs Rollins up at Summer Slam ?

Lesnar is a larger than life figure and doesn’t need a Universal title to increase his stakes. His entry into the ring send shivers into the fans and contestants alike.

So, Lesnar is more than likely retaining at Summerslam right? from SquaredCircle

So what the Universal title reign of Lesnar does is it ain’t on Raw too often. But what WWE’S announcement might mean is a clash between The Architect and The Beast at Summer Slam. So that’s an important revelation which would increase the viewership of the next episode of Raw.

In a seperate development, Brock’s son Luke Lesnar is also confirmed to enter the ring soon. Looking at The Beast’s popularity among fans, Luke will definitely get an instant push. With Lesnar’s stock always on the up, it’s just a matter of time before Luke becomes the new age superstar.

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