BTS Bring The Soul: The Movie secures first position on real time reservation rankings

Bring the Soul: The Movie by BTS breaks records at Real-time reservation rankings

Bring the Soul: The Move third in line by BTS has secured First place with pre-sale tickets in real-time reservation rankings. Korean Film Council on July 28, recorded the real-time reservation rate of Bring the Soul at 18% until 3:30 p.m KST. The reservation of Bring the Soul run was joined in by around 82,295 BTS’ fans.

All About BTS AKA Bangton Boys’ Journey

Bring the Soul: The Movie by BTS breaks records at Real-time reservation rankings

BTS short for Bangton Boys started as a K-Pop band with seven members in 2013 in Seoul, South Korea. The members were heavily involved in much of the writing and production part of their songs.

However, initiated with Hip Hop, the band has expanded their roots in a wide range of genres as of now.

The group has secured quite a lot of awards to themselves including Top Social Artist and Top Duo/Group at 26th Billboard Music Awards. They also made their spot into the Time’s 100 most influential people in the world.

K-Pop band Breaks The Korean Biggest Taboos

Bring the Soul: The Movie by BTS breaks records at Real-time reservation rankings

Although Modern South Korea doesn’t like to mix the two Ps of Politics and Pop music we do have some KPop groups from the same soil touching those controversial headings.

BTS, the world-famous KPop band who topped the Billboard 200 album sales chart becoming the first KPop act ever to do so have frequently challenged the norms.

The record-setting machine’s members have been actively sharing their opinions on LGBTQ rights, mental health and pressure of success- The taboos of South Korea.

The K-pop band has been in support for the same-sex love from as long as 2013 when they were still starting their career. Small gestures from the member have Beene surfacing on twitter in support of Homosexuality. And fans love them for their small significant gestures. The K-pop group and its fans are calling for a change in South Korea.

Other great works:

The group also donated $100,000 to the families of victims of the Sewol Ferry sinking. In spite of the government’s sanction to blacklist the celebrities supporting the cause, our Heroes just did not stop extending the hand for help.

The group has also been supporting their fans fighting any mental health problem since through their lyrics. They have also been vocal about their own struggles with depression.

Moreover, the recent success that’s led them to #1 on the Billboard 200 around May, did ring the ears of South Korean REgime. President Moon Jane-In said

BTS has a magical ability to turn sadness into hope and differences into similarity.

Well, after the worldwide success of their previous films, we wish them luck for heir third movie “Bring The Soul: The Movie”. And fans shouldn’t miss Bring the Soul in the theatres worldwide on August 7.

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