Jungkook of BTS awarded a new nickname for his mystery skills

Jungbook is BTS's Golden Maknae: See Details

Jungkook of BTS is everyone’s favorite and we have a loads of reasons to affirm this statement. You can’t argue about how cute he looks or how mad we usually droll over his genuine grins. The whole precise now makes sense; when RM of BTS first teased Jungkook with his nickname, Golden Maknae from BTS because of his all-rounder artistic skills.

The prodigy singer of BTS has certainly proven his Golden Maknae status over and over again since he became a ‘sincere’ name in pop-industry. While no one can deny that the star is a master perfectionist, here are some of his true instances where Jungkook startled us with his never-ending charisma.

Jungbook of BTS and his artistic creativity

Apart from owning a tune-ful voice and groovy dance steps, Jungkook draws surprisingly well. Earlier this year, he recreated one of Suga’s paintings from WINGS Short Film #1 BEGIN. Although, he’s not an art major, yet Jungkook created an incredibly beautiful art on the paper. Cheers, the Golden Maknae.

A multi-talented athlete

Speaking of his sports prowess, Jungkook has his hands set in Bowling indoors. In January 2017, he posted a short, candid clip while he was practicing bowling quickly.

The clip clearly depicted the icon bowling so flawlessly with a master technique to roll the ball on obvious path.

BTS Jungkook: A gifted saxophone player

Jungkook is an active learner. Whatever he learns within few goes, he sticks to them profusely. At one of BTS’s nights on Star Show 360, Jungkook revealed how well he was at playing a rather difficult instrument. Saxophones are usually a nightmare for music-beginners.

Meanwhile, the device is notoriously difficult to run with your hands, he took no time to play a rhythmic tune on the musical.

Watch, how with V’s little help, he was able to bore such amazing melodies from the saxophone. The audience’s applauds say it all.

Jungkook with the bottle flip challenge

Okay, some of you may consider the bottle flip challenge as a subject of memes or trolls. But believe me, no one can slay the simple yet stouting challenge in one go. But, but, but our Golden Maknae did it with such a brilliant superbness and no second attempt. Although, V excelled the challenge after a sublime 12 efforts, our guy smashed the bottle and both V’s challenge as a paragon.

Jungkook is an epitome of cuteness for me. Not to mention that this guy has a separate base just because of his cool-dude talents.

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