BTS New Album Updates: Suga, Jungkook, and V set to release Mixtapes


“Map of the Soul: 7” released only in February, and the BTS is already in the works for their follow up album. RM himself made this announcement during the group’s YouTube live stream on 17th April.


New Album, and roles of members in production

The COVID-19 has provided BTS with sufficient time to work on another album and release it shortly after releasing an album in February. No group members are obviously traveling or scheduling any live performances internationally or domestically because of the pandemic.

“As our team’s production of a new album has been assigned independently to ourselves, we named the project managers for each category and I was put in charge of music,” said Jimin. “As the project manager, I would outline how the band members want to carry out the music producing, what style of music they want, how they want it to be organized as well as which member would go best with the available music.”

RM iterated that releasing an album at this time is something that they can offer their fans since all their concerts have either been cancelled or postponed. He expressed his concern that the duration of the pandemic cannot be ascertained at the moment and until it clears, BTS cannot go on the stage.

The RM said – “As many concerts have been postponed or cancelled in the prolonging of the COVID-19 situation, we have reached a conclusion that we should try a new thing.” He also mentioned that they will be filming a “making” video and sharing it with the ARMYs later.

About the Mixtape

The subgroup’s mixtape is another thing to be on the look out for. This has been a long pending demand of BTS fans and it is finally happening. It has been reported that Suga and Junkook have teamed up for make a mixtape while V will release a solo production.

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