BTS sets another record with Boy In Luv

BTS's 'Boy In Luv' surpasses 300 million views on YouTube

BTS has set yet another record on YouTube. Their song, Boy In Luv creates a milestone by surpassing record 300 million views on video sharing platform. The catchy(but Korean) lyrics and harmonies will make you croon the song, over and again.

A sneak-peak into Boy In Luv by BTS

I bet if anyone can argue the fact that BTS has recasted our feelings towards Korean songs. BTS was not a popular name until his second-album “Skool Luv Affair,” was released.

The album’s title track, “Boy In Luv” has now garnered 300 million views on YouTube, primarily after five years of it’s release. BTS originally released the song on February 11, 2014.

And I must speak, the time it took to avenge this reputation is far below in comparison to it’s competitions.

BTS – ‘Boy In Luv’ Official MV hits 200 million views on YouTube from kpop

Originally, their second mini-album, Skool Luv Affair was composed 10 modern pop tracks. Amidst the 10 different tracks, the songs Boy In Luv and Just One Day rose to prominent success. Meanwhile, 6 instrumentals were later added to album with a special edition, Skool Luv Affair Special Addition

The song combined a variety of complex concepts – drama, story, trot, fashion and music together. BTS’s song feels more like a complete 3 minute package that deals emotions of love and rage with honesty.

BTS songs are always different from the ones, you have grown watching on TVs and smartphones. They always hits you at right spots, in right feels.

Albums of BTS till date:

BTS's 'Boy In Luv' surpasses 300 million views on YouTube


BTS’ music label,  Big Hit Entertainment, first announced the band’s milestone on June 30. The agency took to social media and announced:

The music video of “Boy In Luv” which was first released in 2014 has hit the 300 million views mark earlier today day at 4:23 AM. We extend our gratitude and wishes to all BTS fans who supported us in the success.

Much before “Boy In Luv,” ten other videos of the Korean band has reached the mark of 300 million YouTube views mark. The song followed the success of DNA, Fire, Mic Drop, Blood Sweat Tears, Save Me, Fake Love, Dope, Idol, Not Today  and more recent “Boy With Luv,” that hit the views achievement just a month before.

Congratulations BTS for your another music video milestone!

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