Bubonic Plague vs Coronavirus Infection: Will the World have to Fight Two Pandemic Together?

Bubonic Plague vs Coronavirus Infection- Will the World have to Fight Two Pandemic Together?

Bubonic plague is the latest disease that has broken out in China and people are worried that it could be another Coronavirus pandemic like situation. There are cases of bubonic plague found out in the Mongolia region of China. The situation is so dangerous that authorities have issued a level 3 citywide plague prevention warning and shut down the entire area.

It is a thing to worry as the world is still struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic where millions of people are infected and there is still no cure for the disease. Even the Coronavirus pandemic originated from China and with the increasing case of bubonic plague, it seems the world will have to fight two pandemics together.

Bubonic Plague vs Coronavirus Comparison

Bubonic Plague vs Coronavirus Comparison

Bubonic Plague vs Coronavirus comparison is obvious as the entire world is on a standstill at the moment, dealing with the pandemic. To make it worse, Bubonic plague is one of the deadliest diseases in human history, that has killed around 50 million people in Europe with the name “Black Death” during the 1300s.

The fact is bubonic plague never ended as every year thousands of cases are registered over parts of Africa, India, and Peru. Bubonic Plague vs Coronavirus are both infectious diseases, where the first is caused by bacteria found in rodents where the later is caused by a virus found in bats. In terms of cure, bubonic vs corona are totally different, as most of the information about the former disease is already known.

Will Bubonic Plague become a Pandemic or Does it have a Cure?

Will Bubonic Plague become a Pandemic or it can be Cured?

Most of the health experts have made it clear that there are very few chances of bubonic plague becoming a pandemic and even if it does, they know how to fight the disease. The bubonic plague is mainly caused by yersinia pestis bacteria and it primarily attacks the lymphatic system of a human body.

The disease is spread by fleas or infected animals such as squirrels, hares, rodents when they bite or scratch humans. Bubonic plague symptoms included fever, vomiting, bleeding, organ failure, and open sores. The good news is that Bubonic plague can be treated with antibiotics and it is not as deadly and infectious as the Coronavirus.

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