Buffalo Bills vs Indianapolis Colts : 5 Bills players who can light up the NFL Pre-season opener

Buffalo Bills vs Indianapolis Colts : 5 Bills players who can light up the NFL Pre-season opener

The Buffalo Bills will take on Indianapolis Colts in their pre-season on Thursday at 7PM. This is a great opportunity for some of the players looking to earn a spot in the Buffalo Bills squad.

A look back on this year’s draft class from buffalobills

As per head coach McDermott, the Buffalo Bills starters will play for roughly a quarter. The NFL hype  is at all time high with Nike launching a 49ers edition Zoom. The preseason also provides ample time for players in the wings. Here are 5 players who can make a mark in the match other than starters.

1. Devin Singletary, Buffalo Bills running back

The running back rookie is making all the right noises in the training camp. His quick tackling ability coupled with ability to cut in is something to look out for. With veterans McCoy and Gore besides him at the back, he would get plenty of time to showcase his prowess in the pre-season.

“Everything is going to hit quicker. Guys are moving faster, guys are bigger. I feel I’m adjusting well,” Singletary said.

2. Corey Thompson, Line backer

A back up to Matt Milano, Thompson signed with Bills last season. His ability to make play through the sides augurs well for Buffalo Bills in absence of Milano. Although he hasn’t have much experience, this is finally his opportunity with Buffalo Bills after a long time.

3. Tom Sweeney, Tight end

Sweeney was picked in the seventh draft by Buffalo Bills. A couple of unforeseen injuries have put the limelight on Sweeney who would now have to even start at the tight end. The coaches are so far mighty impressed with his offensive game. If he does manage to put up some good passes against Colts, he can solidify his position in the Starting XI for Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bills vs Indianapolis Colts : 5 Bills players who can light up the NFL Pre-season opener

Sweeney is one to watch out for in the pre-season. Image : Democrat and Chronicles

4. Kevin Johnson, cornerback

Johnson is vying for a spot for No.2 cornerback with Levi Wallace. If he can manage to justify why Bills bought him as a first draft pick in 2015, time’s still not over for him. If he manages to stay free of injuries, he’s an asset to any NFL side.

5. Corey Bojorquez/Cory Carter, punter

The hottest contest right now for the Buffalo Bills is the punter spot. Both the Corey’s finished last season in the injury reserve. Bojorquez was the starter in the first 8 games for Bills last season. They will again be jostling for that one punter spot and yes, it’s a winner takes all.

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