Bunk’d Season 4 Episode 11 Stream: ‘Mo-Squito Mo Problems’ Watch Online and Preview

Bunk'd Season 4 Episode 11 Stream

Bunk’d Season 4 Episode 11 titled Mo-Squito Mo Problems will air on Saturday, November 2 and it will deal with the mosquitoes in the house as the kids try to find a solution. The last Bunk’d episode “Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place” aired on October 26 which features Lou having an ankle injury and Noah, Finn, and Matteo taking charge of the camp.

As the boys created troubles, Ava distracts Lou and introduces her to Gwen and her team of girls who like adventures, only to realize that her importance in camp is much needed. Here is the streaming guide to watch Bunk’d S04E11 online and promo and preview for the episode.

Bunk’d S04E11 Watch Online

Bunk'd S04E11 Watch Online

Bunk’d is a spin-off of the original Jesse show and it can be streamed online on the Disney Network. DisneyNow will live stream Bunk’d S04E11 on Disney Channel at 10 am EST. The full seasons of Bunk’d TV show are also available on Netflix and Amazon Prime outside the US and UK region where Disney network is not available. The latest Bunk’d episode will first air on Disney channel and then within 24 hours it will be streamed on other services.

Bunk’d 4×11 ‘Mo-Squito Mo Problems’ Preview

Bunk'd 4x11 'Mo-Squito Mo Problems' Preview

Bunk’d 4×11 plot synopsis reads as “Mosquitoes are rampant, so Matteo looks to science to create a repellent. However, he ends up taking credit for something that Gwen invented.” The whole episode will deal with Ross siblings trying to take out the mosquitoes from the Summer camp and the chaos it causes. It will be the trick of Gwen that finally does the job and the group get rids of the impending mosquitoes.

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