Buyer Beware! Black Friday Discounts Being Offered by Hackers Using Stolen Credit Cards

Best Black Friday Discounts Online Scam

This Black Friday,  if you happen to see a ‘steal deal’ on your social media, there’s a good chance it might actually be a ‘steal’ deal because the seller might be making a purchase off a stolen Credit Card! Of late, cybercrime departments have noticed that there are many people who are using stolen and hacked credit cards to purchase stuff that they plan to sell during Black Friday sales! Here’s a closer look:

Best Black Friday Deals Scam

Black Friday Deals Might be Coming via Stolen Credit Card

A number of people have noticed that they are seeing people on Twitter offer huge discounts on expensive products (iPhones up to 80% off). Upon further investigation, it has been found out that most of those sellers are actually selling stolen stuff! The sellers are acquiring these products using nefarious means including hacked credit cards.

Best Black Friday Deals Credit Card Hack

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A number of people have also noticed that most of these criminals are operating off of Telegram and other private messaging platforms where tracing them becomes hard. The growth of the dark web is also encouraging such crimes. Hence, if you come across such Black Friday deals, always ask the seller for the source and whether they would be able to provide you with a proper bill.

How to Stay Safe and Protect Your Credit Card Details

Black Friday Deals Scam

The first thing you need to keep in mind is – never enter your Credit Card details on websites you do not trust. Always make sure you see a green ‘lock’ icon next to the website name which indicates the website is genuine and SSL secured! Next, never give away your Credit Card details to people asking your CVV number or OTP over the phone. These are scamsters who are looking forward to making a purchase on your card!

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