Caitlyn Jenner Rumors: Does Caitlyn suffering through Depression and feels Loneley?


A source claims that Caitlyn Jenner is finding it hard to go on. Has she lost the will to live. Let’s get to the bottom of the suspicious tale.

Given up on life already?

A source claims that Jenner has hit a low point in life. The tabloid claims that she is depressed and lonely. But it goes on to call her a ‘sex-swapping’ reality star. The tabloid clearly has no sympathy for Jenner. The source continues with the story and says,

Caitlyn made a massive life change a few years ago when she transitioned, but now she feels completely isolated and lonely from her family, can’t find any romance, and is unhappy with her looks.

The source also claims that Jenner is also estranged from the Kardashian family. Further, her live-in assistant Sophia Hutchins brings her dates home. This makes Jenner feel more lonely. Jenner also hates to look herself in the mirror and fears that she might be suffering from skin cancer.

Everything seems to be falling apart in Jenner’s life and she might have lost the will to live. The tipster added,

She thought her life would be wine and roses. The reality is far from what she dreamed.

Truth about Caitlyn Jenner

After doing some research, it becomes clear that the insider has no clue about what is going on in Jenner’s life. A spokesperson for Jenner said that she is happy and everything is going on smoothly in her life.

Further, anybody who refers to Jenner as a ‘sex swapping’ reality star is not much concerned about her. These rumors have no truth in them and are completely bogus.

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