Cameron Boyce: Coroner has finally affirmed the cause of death

Cameron Boyce: Coroner has finally affirmed the cause of death

The sudden, unexpected death of Cameron Boyce left the masses shocked while millions are still grieving. No amount of time or faith can set things back to how they were for a loss like this leaves an inerasable scar which no surgery can hide. The conflict regarding the reason of death brought with itself further delay and pain on the already suffering family and friends. However the autopsy is finally over and the cause of death being epilepsy is made known to all.

Cameron Boyce: Coroner has finally affirmed the cause of death

Cameron Boyce death’s cause is epilepsy!
Source: USA Today

What is the actual cause of Cameron Boyce ‘s death?

The 20 years old Disney star, Cameron Boyce left his earthy abode on 6th of July. He was found unresponsive at his 5100 block of Cartwright Avenue home which is situated in North Hollywood.

Though medical help was called immediately, it turned out to be of no avail, and Boyce was pronounced dead at the scene itself.

The early afternoon incident lead to an autopsy on 8th of July whose results differed from the family’s statement. As reported by the family spokesperson, Boyce’s unexpected tragic passing was due to a seizure.

The seizure as informed by the family member was caused due to his then ongoing medical condition for which he was even receiving treatment. The rift in the cause of death lead to further testing procedures. After the test were carried out reports state that the actual cause of death is epilepsy.

Preparation of funeral are underway!

Cameron Boyce: Coroner has finally affirmed the cause of death

Source: Vanity Fair

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office confirmed the reason of death. Stating that the 20 year old Cameron Boyce official cause of death which occurred earlier this month is epilepsy. On Tuesday night Boyce’s family said

We are still trying to navigate our way through this extremely heart-wrenching time, and continue to ask for privacy so that the family and all who knew and loved him can grieve his loss and make arrangements for his funeral — which in and of itself, is agonizing.”

Boyce started his acting carrier at the early age of nine, with his appearance in music videos and soap operas. His role in Disney’s famous show Jessie brought him his first appearance on stardom and limelight.

I sincerely hope that his family finds the strength to cope with such a huge loss. My condolence to all his family members and friends. May his soul rest in peace.

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