Cameron Diaz returns after 5 years but this is it

Cameron Diaz returns after 5 years but this is it

If you are waiting for Cameron Diaz to return to the big screen again then settle down for a long wait fellow-mates. For she just cleared all doubts regarding her come-back and the news is not great for her fans! However, don’t lose all of your hopes, there is still some amount chance of her return. Know all about the twisted, yet clear statement regarding her future plans.

Cameron Diaz returns after 5 years but this is it

Actress Cameron Diaz is on an undefined break!
Source: People

Why did Cameron Diaz went missing?

The once un-arguably biggest star, who owned the title of being the most-wanted disappeared years ago. Her last work on big-screen was her featuring the remake of Annie in 2014. She starred the film as Ms Hannigan, the cruel foster home matron.

Ever since then her absence from the screen tortured her fans to unexplainable extend. The reason of her sudden disappearance never found a way to light and audience. However while speaking with InStyle she explained all about it as well as delivered a slightly disappointing news to fans.

She told InStyle that the she received her stardom and fame when she was just 22. That means almost 25 years ago! I was not even born at that time and she was already a successful actress! God, this will take some time to digest!

So heading back towards the topic, she explained that she has already given more than half-of-her-life to public. Ergo she now reckons that its time to start stealing a bit for her own self.

To speak honestly this is a well-deserved break for her. I mean we can’t work for a month with a Sunday or a day off and this lady set everything apart to cater the needs of her fans!

Is she going on a permanent break?

Cameron Diaz returns after 5 years but this is it

US actress Cameron Diaz
Source: CBS News

I know many of you will say that she took breaks between her several films and must have enjoyed her world-tours. However, acting is one of the only professions that has no specific working hours and no clear deadlines as well! It looks all fun and euphoric from outside, however these actors and actresses suffer the most!

She said

I’m semi-retired, too, and I am actually retired, so I would love to see you ladies,”

Her words clearly hinted on a long, undefined and undated break from her film life. She made no promise of a comeback, however she reassured her fans that if she ever felt like returning, then she will comeback.

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