Camila Morrone shuts down haters amid Leonardo DiCaprio backlash

Camila Morrone shuts down haters amid Leonardo DiCaprio backlash

Do you ever stumble upon love-couples who got serious after knowing what caste they are or how old their spouse is. I have never walked through someone who’s ever hit me up by ‘hey! I love you because you are fair or you are of my age.’ I mean, what world we are really living in? Or people still don’t own the virtues to love someone out of their fame, creeds or age-gaps. The question hasn’t instantly dawned upon me, but what netizens are doing with Camila Morrone and Leonardo DiCaprio is sickening and should be down in the dumps.

Camila Morrone fling shuts haters over age-gap with DiCaprio

Haters have been really crude with Camila Morrone after she publicly flaunted her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. Despite their stunning 22-year age-gap, the couple seems to be pretty serious and very much into each other. After a series of outcries and woeful comments over their relationship, Camila Morrone has finally stepped up to slam back at the haters.

The 22-year-old model is quite fond of 44-year-old Leo. The couple went public on January 2018, and since then there is no looking back. Camila Morrone has broken down several times over how her people are stabbing her back with apathy and hopelessness.

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A love like this

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In a bid to hit back at her haters, Camila Morrone posted two Instagram pictures of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart. Although having an age gap of 25 years, Lauren and Bogart were one of the happiest matches, Hollywood has ever seen. The two went inseparable for whole thirteen years until Humphrey died of esophageal cancer leaving Bogart estranged and alienated.

Cam-Caprio relationship struggles with hate and loathe

Camila Morrone captioned the picture as; a love like this’, adoring the 25 year age gap between the two. Unfortunately, some bigots were still full of trolls and loathing against the relationship. They invaded her comments while claiming Leonardo a womanizer Camila Morrone, legitly goal digger.

Camila Morrone shuts down haters amid Leonardo DiCaprio backlash

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Meanwhile, Camila Morrone took no time to lash back at the haters stating:
I just went through some of the Instagram comments. And my God, people are so full of anger with someone they know nothing of. I hope that such people learn to live with more love and a little less hatred. Re-evaluate your priorities, people.

Bravo, Camila !
We hope the two stay the same with time passing by. Because in the end, age is just another forsaken aspect of an eternity long relationship.

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