Can Coronavirus be Transmitted Sexually? New COVID-19 Study Says Yes

Can Corona Virus be Transmitted Sexually

Coronavirus transmission rate is the biggest reason why the disease has become a pandemic as it can easily spread via air and other contact surfaces. A new study in China about the SARS-CoV-2 RNA (virus’s genetic code) suggests that traces of COVID-19 has been found in the semen of infected patients.

The study published in Shangqiu Municipal Hospital in Henan province analyzed data of 38 COVID-19 patients and it was found out that even the recovered patients contain the virus in their semen. It means that Coronavirus can be transmitted sexually, although its impact on the going pandemic is entirely different.

Coronavirus found in Semen Samples

Coronavirus found in Semen Samples

The reason Coronavirus is able to survive in the semen of patients even after recovery is that it falls into immunoprivileged area. It means those sites which are protected by host immune response and the virus can sustain. The same thing has earlier happened with Ebola virus transmission in Africa where the infection was spreading through sexual connection, even after the patients were recovered.

Coronavirus samples found in semen confirms that the virus can reach from one person to another if they have sexual intercourse with each other. Although, it is not clear whether the RNA found actually contains the infectious virus. It will be clear when the SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) can be isolated from the semen of survivor patients.

Coronavirus Sexual Transmission and Future Impacts

Coronavirus Sexual Transmission and Future Impacts 

Coronavirus traces in semen and the disease actually spreading through sexual transmission are entirely different. It won’t be clear until further research what is the severity of transmission and whether one can get Coronavirus infection by having sex with a former patient.

Even if that’s the case, it won’t be much of a problem as COVID-19 is highly contagious and have more chances of spreading with other means. However, until future studies confirm the accuracy of corona virus spreading by having sex, everyone who has recovered from COVID-19 should use condoms and avoid contact with semen.

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