Cancer survivor Bob Harper back to host The Biggest Loser reboot

Cancer survivor Bob Harper back to host 'The Biggest Loser' reboot

The Biggest Loser will return to the US networks with the same mission and trainer. But that’s it about the similarities between The Biggest Loser and its reboot. Bob Harper confirmed the show’s return in 2020 and revealed how it would be ‘bigger and better.’


Bob Harper told the ‘Today’ team about the relaunch of last decade’s fan-favorite fitness show. The personal trainer revealed what’s new on The Biggest Loser this time.

“We’re gonna have new trainers, we’re gonna have a new medical team,”

he said.

“I mean, this show is going to be bigger and better than ever.”

The Biggest Loser reboot to address previous criticism

The Biggest Loser previously came under a lot of scrutinies over fat-shaming. The extreme weight loss measures received flak from audiences and critics alike, but Harper thinks it was addressed while planning the next edition.

Cancer survivor Bob Harper back to host The Biggest Loser reboot

The show previously received criticism over extreme weight loss techniques. Image: Women’s Health

He thinks the people on The Biggest Loser sets will receive help from the experts and they’ll have to follow a set of guidelines afterward. Although a weight loss based show will always invite controversy, The Biggest Loser has finally addressed the problem. So we can expect the show to be more sensitive to different perspectives.

Harper battles out heart attack to be back in action

The show’s trainer Bob Harper suffered a heart attack around three years ago. It’s been an up and down journey, but Harper thinks he’s back with a bang. He can now relate to contestants way more than he used to.

Biggest Loser Trainer Bob Harper Suffered a Heart Attack from television


Much credit goes to the deadly disease he suffered. From being a CrossFit-er all life working out insanely, it became difficult to walk for 5 minutes. All those experiences taught Harper a lot, and indeed, he will have a lot more to offer in terms of relatable advice.

“So I had to start back from square one, so I want to bring my recovery onto the show because I know what they’re going through. It is a struggle, and you do the best that you can.”

The Biggest Loser ran on NBC from 2004 to 2016. The second coming will be broadcasted on the USA network from 2020. Earlier the show also came in news when a contestant Daniel Wright died at 30.

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