Cancer Treatment 2019: Researchers combined CRISPR gene-editing technology with drug discovery in a new study


Cancer treatment has become an advanced frontier for researchers all over the world. More than 11,000 people are predicted to die in 2019 due to cancer. You might be wondering how? According to the American Cancer Society, most of the people are going to die from acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) in America.

How do the cancerous cells grow?

The cells start to grow and spread in a person’s bone marrow. If one has mutated genes, then they are likely to catch acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). Later on, their genes fail to prevent blood cells from replicating again. Thus, it grows into a tumour.

Recently, the drug producers have created a new drug that targets patient’s mutated genes, and also reclaims their hijacked cells. However, this experiment may take many years and the drug manufacturers may also face error in the trials.

Some cancer treatment studies reveal that some of the drugs may work on patients. Brian Liau is a Harvard University Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. He and his team revealed some details about the drug-body relationship. They also exposed some of the past assumptions about how AML drugs work.

Cancer Treatment 2019

Firstly, drug developers try to investigate how AML works. They try to manipulate their product’s small molecules to check to changes in the drug’s power. They focus on the particular subtype of AML and Epigenetic changes of the patient. Later on, they try to find out where they live, what they eat, how much you exercise and sleep.

Gene editing along with drug discovery is used to find how cancer treatment works

The AML drugs try to target the proteins to reverse the action of the cells. The enzyme target for AML is LSD1 (lysine-specific histone demethylase 1). However, these drugs work on some patients only. So Liau and his team used various techniques like CRISPR-scanning and CRISPR-suppressor scanning.

So we can assume that a cure with a full detailed study in the near future will happen and cancer will no longer be an incurable disease.

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