Canine Brucellosis: A vicious disease spreading in Dogs and Danger to Humans



Are you a dog lover like me? If yes, then I don’t know what will be your reaction after knowing that there is some bacterial infection which is being spread by dogs. The name of that bacterial infection is Canine brucellosis, and bacterium Brucella Canis is producing this problem.

This problem is typically found in dogs only and is spreading with really high speed. This infection develops in the reproductive system, we can say that these are a Sexually transmitted disease.

We will talk about the symptoms and the risks of this bacterial infection that’s spread by dogs.

Canine Brucellosis: A disease spreading high in Dogs

Symptoms in Dogs

There are several signs by which you can know that your dog is facing canine brucellosis. Those symptoms are-


  1. Lethargy
  2. Swollen Nodes
  3. Facing difficulty in walking
  4. Weakness
  5. Vaginal discharge
  6. Swollen testicles
  7. Inflammation of the skin


If you do not see any of the symptom above in your dog, then it is a good sign that your dog is not affected with this bacterial problem, but here are some preventions which you should take for never letting your dog got caught with such illness-

Canine Brucellosis: A disease spreading high in Dogs

  1. Spay-It is a method of sterilizing a female dog by removing the ovaries, as it is a sexually transmitted disease.
  2. Neuter-It is a method of removing sexual organs of your dogs, if there would be no sexual organs then there would be no such sexually transmitted diseases.

This bacterial problem of your dog can be transferred to humans too, so be careful and have an in-depth look at your dog regarding the symptoms told above.

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