Canine Flu out break in East Bay with over 55 infected

Canine Flu out breaks at East Bay making dogs more sick

In the past month, there has been an outbreak of canine flu sweeping through the East Bay. For all the dog owners this is a serious concern and threatening news. Last year during the month of January it initially broke out. During that month around 188 dogs got infected.

Canine Flu out breaks at East Bay making dogs more sick

Credits: ABC7News

Canine Flu is spreading and it is contagious

The recent outbreak was recorded at the Oakland Animal Services near East Bay. The animal husbandry was declared the hot spot, given the virus is contagious and can be lethal if not treated properly. With a nearly small population in East Bay, almost 55 residents reported that their dogs are infected. Moreover, an estimation of more than 108 dogs are speculated to be infected.

Rebecca Katz informs that, they literally don’t know the actual initiation of the virus. The dogs living in the area are diagnosed with symptoms like kennel cough. In addition, the Oregon Humane Society situated at East Bay also trying to help the Oakland Animal Services. While the dogs with infection are transferred to the SPCA in East Bay.

Other vaccination and treatment details

However, for the preventive measures, the organization is asking dog owners not to leave their pets behind at Oakland Animal Services.

Canine Flu out breaks at East Bay making dogs more sick

Credits: EastBayNews

Veterinarian Theresa Dunn said that all the dogs will get the vaccination. Moreover, infected dogs spend most of the time at the dog facilities centre. They spend most of the time boarding, body grooming and taking a walk with all of them.

However, frequent preventive measures are taking place to take down the Canine Flu. Vets confirm that the vaccine will help to reduce the infection to spread among other dogs. This will lower the severity of the infection.

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