Cardi B accused with assault charges related to a fight in NY Strip Club


The American rapper Cardi B has been charged with an unspecified felony which is said to be related to a fight at a strip club. This strip club is in New York City. She was indicted on Friday by a grand jury from Queens. The charges are not clearly specified.

What is the fuss about?

Cardi’s case is to remain sealed until the 25th of June that is only after her arrangement. It is reported that on August 29 of 2018, Cardi attacked an innocent pair of sisters with a bucket of ice. These sisters worked as bartenders at the strip club called Angels.

This is the reason why she was arrested last year and has been facing serious repercussions ever since. This incident was recorded on a video and has been on the web destroying Cardi’s peace.

The police inform, Bellis Almanzar whose rapper name is Cardi B was present at the strip club’s bar with her group and got into an ugly argument with the bartenders. It has been reported that the fight was pretty ugly as it involved throwing of bottles, chairs as well the hookah pipes.

Thereby harming the woman and one other worker. Cardi has been ordered by the court to maintain distance with the two sisters.

Cardi B and her husband’s affair

Surprisingly Cardi B has expressed her suspects regarding her husband’s affair with one of the two bartender sisters. As a matter of fact, her husband’s band was supposed to perform at the same strip club and on the night of the fight.

Cardi B accused with assault charges related to a fight in NY Strip Club

Cardi’s lawyer has come forward and announced that she did not hurt anyone. The case is a serious one and last month the judges were told by the prosecutors to announce that a thorough investigation is necessary.

Cardi B is rigid about her denials and says that she is not going to testify anything in front of the grand jury. The date of her next hearing is August 9, 2019.

Cardi B accused with assault charges related to a fight in NY Strip Club

Soon after the birth of their baby girl, last year in December, Offset and Cardi B announced their separation via a post on Instagram. Before that the couple was last spotted together in the Grammys which was held in February where Cardi B got the best rap album award.

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