Cardi B Strip Club case to be heard by the Grand Jury

Cardi B

Cardi B’s strip club case to be heard by the Grand Jury soon. Cardi B has been on the hit list for her raps often. She has had mixed opinions over her swift words. She enjoys her glamour just like any other celebrity does, but does it go out of the boundary at times?

Yes, maybe, Cardi B has been going on rounds to the court for misdemeanor she caused in a strip club. Her assault has led injuries and trauma to people and the bartenders there. Like everyone has a bad day, Cardi B has a bad phase. She has to prove herself innocent and get out of it clean.

Cardi B’s Strip Club case to be heard by the Grand Jury Source- Metro

She is not so sorry of her temper

The Stripclub Incident

2018, has been a swirling ride for Cardi B, while her music hit the Billboard twice her personal life too was going on well, but not for a long time. She witnessed motherhood for the first time after giving birth to her child, Kulture from her boyfriend, Offset.

Things were all happy and springs until some rumors burnt down all the spring flowers. Cardi B created havoc in a strip club named Angle’s Strip Club when she heard that one of the women there had been sleeping with Offset.

In the next moment, she had the chair swirling over the woman and bartender. This injured the bartender with bruises and scars. This was the reason why Cardi B is running to the court often.

Cardi B’s Strip Club case to be heard by the Grand Jury

She was violent because she though Offset was having an affair


Cardi B: The story’s other perspective

After, she was spotted at the hearing in a pink pantsuit it came to her notice that the case is going to be heard by the Grand Jury. Baddie Gi and Jade are the two victims of the assault, as Cardi B believes that one of the two were having an affair with Offset. Cardi B threw chairs and hookahs at 3 am and still won’t stop.

This act of hers however has landed her into loads of problem now. For more such updates don’t forget to stick with us and stay tuned as we keep you updated.

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