Cartoon Network’s Website Hacked and Aftermath of the Incident

Cartoon Network's Website Hacked and Aftermath of the incident

This weekend when the children all around the world tried to watch their favourite cartoon on cartoon network’s website, they were greeted by Brazilian memes and a male stripper.

The kid’s favourite cartoon network website was hacked this week and hackers flooded the site with inappropriate content. As an aftermath, the entire cartoon network video player and websites have been taken down.

According, to the reports some Brazilian hackers were responsible for this action that defaced the sites at 16 different regions.

Cartoon Network's Website Hacked and Aftermath of the incident

Cartoon network website hacked

Instead of showing cartoon shows the users were shown videos of Ricardo Milos who is a famous internet stripper. It is possible that Ricardo Milos is chosen for his erotic dance style that became a funny meme material. The hackers also uploaded some Arabic memes.

The compromise occurred on 25th April. While the inappropriate content has been removed. However,  some of the site’s video players are still down.

Cartoon Network's Website Hacked and Aftermath of the incident

Memes and male stripper videos were uploaded on the website

Regarding this issue Cartoon network UK and Cartoon network Russia released short statements. According, to them the website is down temporarily and the IT teams are working hard to relaunch the site.

This attack has affected 16 different regions including places like Germany, Hungary, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, the middle east and Africa, Norway, Russia, Romania, UK, Turkey, Denmark, and the Czech Republic.

The hackers probably had found a loophole in the websites management platform. Cartoon Network is surely looking to fix the issue and improvise their websites security.

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