Cat Allergy Cure: One out of ten people suffer from pet allergies is USA

cat allergy vaccine

For your countless prayers have been answered and vaccine for cat allergy has been discovered by scientist as last!

Cat allergy across the USA

One out of every ten people seems to suffer from cat allergy in USA. Now, if you are one of them and also belong to the cat-lovers category then this news is for you! For scientist are now your ever-best Santa! They have found a vaccine that can put an end to cat allergy.

Cat allergies become curable as scientist discovers vaccine

Cuteness overloaded can now play with you!
Source: CNBC,com

Yes, you can now bid your adieu to all the itching and sneezing that accompanies a cat’s presence. The days of pain and dejection is about to end! Yeah, one more thing you are safe even if you are intimated by needles, for it’s the cat that gets the tab not you!

Know the science behind it!

Cat allergies become curable as scientist discovers vaccine

Cat allergy is now curable
Source: PetsWorld

Now comes the scientific explanation part! If you are allergic then what you are actually not compatible with is Fel-d1. It’s a protein that clings to cat’s dander. Wondering what’s dander? Well, its just a high-class name of bits of dry skin that gets left on everything that they touch.

Whenever it enters and a sensitive person the immune system mistakes it for an attacking agent. Thus taking unnecessary, major actions like sneezing. Making you all worked-up for actually nothing! It’s madding, right? all this time our bodies kept us apart from our beloved pets just because of false alarm!

Now the vaccines work is pretty simple. It attacks and destroys the Fel-d1 protein and thus killing the root of the problem. However, the vaccines are yet not available. They will come out in 3 years’ time after testings and trials. So just hang in there!

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