Catherine the Great Trailer is OUT!! Helen Mirren at the helm

Catherine the Great trailer out, Helen Mirren at the helm

The trailer for Catherine the Great, HBO’s upcoming mini-series is out and buzzing. Academy award-winning actress Helen Mirren is featuring as one of the most powerful queens ever. The story backdates the monarch’s long reign in Russia and is based on true events.

The first part of the series is set to be released around fall this year. The trailer of Catherine the Great has left fans wanting more with Helena winning accolades for her powerful aura as the queen. The trailer comes days after Watchmen’s trailer was released at Comin Con. Watch the full trailer below.

Four-part drama revolving around Catherine the Great

The HBO series goes into the depths of Catherine’s titular reign and her drama-filled courts. HBO is now recreating the intense atmosphere of Catherine the Great’s reign. The most powerful woman in history’s court is filled with political tensions with a sexual twist.

Catherine the Great arguably first created the modern image of a woman. She ruled Russia for over 50 years in the 18th century and was wily operator, to say the least.

She was powerful, intense, decisive, level headed and sexually liberated. All that at a time when men treated the woman as mere pushovers. So, she was truly the epitome of woman leadership.

TIL – Catherine the Great wasn’t even Russian, she was German, and had Germans occupy the Volgo region of Russia, who lived there for 200 years until Stalin had them interned to Siberia at the start of WW2. from todayilearned

What to expect from the upcoming epic?

The story isn’t a documentary but more of a love story. It shows Catherine at the end of her reign deeply in love with Gregory Potempkin. Crests and troughs are immense, but the story shows the undying spirit of true love at its best.

Set back by society and family’s refusal to accept their love, they create magic. The two fight against all odds displaying the devotion in love to no measure. Their struggle in the obsession helps them mould Russia into what it is now.

Jason Clarke plays Gregory Potempkin while The Lost Prince’s Gina Mckee plays Prascovya Bruce. Rory Kinnear (Skyfall) as Nikita Ivanovich Panin while Richard Roxburgh (Van Helsing) features as Grigory Orlov.

The film is written and directed by the best in business. Nigel Williams has written Catherine the Great while Emmy Award Winning director Philip Martin is on board. Jules Hussey has produced the 18th-century epic.

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